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February 2014

Happy Endings...

Arif is so happy to be home. He stayed at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital, waiting for his mom, Ruth Ann, for 16 days. It was a very exciting reunion! 

About Us

Our pets are a part of our families, we love them and they return our love unconditionally. For many of us, we would do anything to care for our animals, but in some circumstances we may need assistance.


When a person with a pet is hospitalized, one of their concerns will be the care of their animals at home. In many instances, they will leave the hospital against the advice of their doctors, because they may not have any other resources to help.


Critters Waiting At Home is a non-profit group, formed by Las Vegas veterinarian, Tiffany Paul, who saw a need in our community and is working to be a part of the solution. 

Our beginning...

Critters Waiting at Home was born when Tiffany Paul's husband, a LVMPD officer, came home one night and told her a story about one of his calls that day. An elderly woman, about eighty-five years old, was suddenly faced with a medical emergency and was taken away in an ambulance in the middle of the night. She left three dogs at home and she did not have any family to count on. The woman called her next door neighbor to help take care of them while she was in the hospital, where she stayed for one week. She came home, eagerly waiting to see her pets, only to find out that the neighbor had taken the pets and given them to an unknown person in California. The woman called the police, hoping for help, and Tiffany's husband answered the call. Despite his best efforts, it would be very unlikely that she would ever see her pets again. For this woman, her pet's were her world, as they are for many of us.


Critters Waiting At Home is a service that owner's can call in the event of an emergency. In turn, we will take care of their pets either with in-home care or at a boarding facility. In the event that the owner passes, we will help to find permanent homes for the animals. The service will all be free of charge to the owner and without judgment.

CWAH is a non-profit group. All donations will go directly toward boarding and medical costs for pets in need. Any donation is greatly needed & appreciated.

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(702) 443-1852

Critters Waiting At Home Shirts

Contact us today for a Critters Waiting At Home t-shirt. All proceeds go directly to helping pets and their people. It's only $20.00 to support and spread the word about Critters Waiting At Home!


Follow the link below to order your t-shirt, we can mail it directly to you or arrange for it to be picked up at Creature Comforts Animal Hospital. 

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